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Fresh flower shop Binh Duong welcome customers to our service flower service in Binh Duong province

Fresh flowers Binh Duong is committed to bringing customers a perfect service fresh flowers, delicate flowers and luxury, we are proud of a professional, honest and dedicated staff.

In the letter, Hoa Lan Phuong Company would like to send our best wishes and best wishes to you. Hopefully with the information about us, the following will help some customers know about our flower service products are currently in Binh Duong market, Binh Duong flowers to ensure Customers will be satisfied when using products and services of Binh Duong flower.

Hoa Lan Phuong is a leading supplier of fresh flowers, flowers and wedding flowers in Binh Duong. Up to now, after a long time of effort and striving, Binh Duong flower has become a familiar flower supplier and has won the trust of customers during the past few years, achieved the results. This is because we have applied the management process, preservation and constantly improve the workmanship for our entire staff. At present, the staffs are enthusiastic and willing to meet all requirements of customers when there is demand for fresh flowers, wedding flowers and flower services in Binh Duong province.

Hoa Lan Phuong Binh Duong Company is committed to bring customers the most reliable, fresh flower products before and after sales, all employees of Binh Duong orange brand This brings us a perfect service of fresh flowers, exquisite fresh flowers and luxurious products. We are proud of our professional, honest and dedicated staffs.

Satisfying customers when using fresh flowers is our honor and glory. Binh Duong Fresh Flower Company builds prestige from the supply of high quality fresh flowers and flowers to customers, the only need for fresh flower brand Binh Duong is "Prestige is profitable "

Hoa Lan Phuong Agricultural Products Export Joint Stock Company

Binh Duong Flowers
151 Phu Loi Street, Phu Loi Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong Province
Tel: 02743844701
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Fresh Flowers of Binh Duong New City
535 Huỳnh Văn Luỹ Street, Phu My Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong Province
Tel: 02743667479
Hotline / Zalo / Viber: 0966661916



Hoa Tươi Bình Dương 1
Tel: 02743844701
Hotline: 0966661912
Hoa Tươi Bình Dương 2
Tel: 02743667479
Hotline: 0966661916
Hoa Tươi Bình Dương 3
Tel: 02743844702
Hotline: 0916216207

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