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A. Hoatuoibinhduong.com is a service of fresh flowers, gifts in the Binh Duong market in general and Vietnam market in general and is a world-class brand, Hoatuoibinhduong.com is committed to all flower products. Fresh, the design gifts must follow the quality standards of Hoatuoibinhduong.com and the template in the website: www.hoatuoibinhduong.com.
B. Fresh flowers and raw materials used by Hoatuoibinhduong.com are always fresh flowers and materials of the best quality and ensure the longest fresh flower time.
C. Hoatuoibinhduong.com staff is professional working always polite, kind and warm with customers.
D. Fresh flower arrangers are well-trained, capable of fine art and creativity.
E. After sales service, good customer care.

Quality Policy
- Images of fresh flowers and gift products on the website: www.hoatuoibinhduong.com have a slight difference in color and feel compared to fresh flowers and gifts delivered in reality. Due to the nature of fresh flowers, gifts depend on the manufacturer, needs, climate and weather, fresh flowers, real gifts when made a little change compared to pictures posted on the website. hoatuoibinhduong.com

- When there is no fresh flowers or sample materials at the time of ordering, Hoatuoibinhduong.com will contact you to inform and advise solutions; In case of non-contact, or due to time is not allowed, Hoatuoibinhduong.com will take the initiative to replace with other fresh flowers or other material meaningful and similar.

During high season, the holidays (Valentine”s Day 14/2, International Women”s Day 8/3, Mother”s Day, Father”s Day, Vietnamese Women”s Day 20/10, Vietnamese Teachers Day 20 / 11, Christmas ...), Lunar New Year (Vietnamese New Year), replacement policy may apply to products without prior notice, there will be some appropriate adjustments. flowers, pots, pots or other materials when there are no goods at the time of delivery of fresh flowers, gifts. In these cases, we are committed to the quality of the replacement product will always be equivalent to or higher than the set product. All complaints should be reflected within 48 hours of delivery.

Thank you very much!
Binh Duong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development