The regulation of flower delivery of the Website: receive fresh flower design and fresh flowers delivery at your request within the province of Binh Duong. Fresh flowers will be designed in accordance with climatic conditions, customs and characteristics of each area of ​​Binh Duong province. accepts regular fresh flowers delivery from 6:00 to 20:00 daily. (Note: Overtime flower requests may be subject to availability.) only accept fresh flowers when there is full information of the person sending the fresh flowers and the recipient of fresh flowers (Note: All fresh flowers must have the number of the fresh flower recipient and the flower senders. for convenience before transferring flowers)
The case of the Flower Tea
Before flower delivery, will contact you to know the date and time of the flower delivery (depending on the custom of each area / family, usually after shedding and before the custody). In case there is no information about the time to visit, when delivery flowers to address at the wrong time, accept delivery flowers condolences at another time before 12 o”clock the following day.
In cases where the family does not receive flower delivery flowers with flowers, flowers still considered as done (in this case flower delivery not signed).
Play in a hospital / medical center / treatment isolation / car terminal / airport terminal.
Some areas do not accept flower delivery. In this case, we will notify the recipient of the order and place of delivery in the area. accepts delivery of flowers at the railway station, bus station, airport terminal in Vietnam. (For fee-based service, please contact us for more information - Hotline: 0916216207
Incorrect delivery address (sent by the sender and wrong) staff will contact the recipient (or the sender) to agree on the transfer to the new address provided that the distance from the old broadcast address to the new broadcast address is not more than 10 km.
If all communications fail, will save flowers within 08 hours from the time of delivery to deliver after delivery information is correct. After the above time, if there is still no information on the correct address, the order is considered canceled (in case flower delivery is not signed, you are not refundable)
In case there is no flower recipient:
=> In case there is no recipient at the delivery address, the order is considered canceled. (In case of flower delivery, there is no sign, you are not refundable)
In case the flower recipient is away
=> Where the recipient is away in the moment of generating flowers, gifts will:
Give relatives, friends in the house / room / company by turning back (in this case the signer will be the recipient instead).
In case the recipient refuses to receive flowers:
=> In case the recipient refuses to receive, the flowers are considered as canceled. (In case of fresh flower delivery, there is no receipt, no refund)
=> In case the recipient is important / in the treatment isolation room, the flowers will be delivered through the secretary / guardian / relative ... (in this case the recipient will be the recipient)
=> = &&& = = =

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